Do they still make adjustable baseball caps?
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I'm looking to buy a new baseball cap, but I hate fitted ones. Everywhere I look I find only fitted hats, or those adjustable ones with the cloth strip and brass lock. I don't want those either. I just want an old-fashioned baseball cap with plastic snaps and holes. I don't want to use Ebay or scour thrift stores. Any advice on where I can look? Thanks!
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If you don't care about the logo, try a tractor supply shop or farmer's co-op, feed store, lawnmower retailer, etc.

Next choice, truckstops.

After that, uniform shops that supply things like security guard outfits and mailman outfits.

But really, the adjustable ones are so very nice, especially by comparison, do you mind saying WHY you prefer the hard plastic snap ones?
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Response by poster: I do care about the logo unfortunately, and want it to be a professional baseball team.

And I don't like the adjustable strip and brass buckle ones for aesthetic reasons. I think they look really silly.
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Response by poster: Orioles or Phillies.
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I don't think you are going to find an officially licensed MLB team cap with the plastic snaps and holes.

New Era, Twins Enterprises and Nike are pretty much the only three, as far as I can tell, licensed manufactures for MLB caps. And none of them of them make them like that anymore. And I haven't seen any with the plastic back in ballpark gift shops in a very long time.
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Response by poster: I definitely won't wear New Era.
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Do you mind the ones with adjustable velcro straps? These seem pretty prevalent. If you live in either philly or baltimore, I'm sure you can find a store somewhere that sells just hats that will probably have some with velcro straps. I'm not sure about snaps though.
posted by gauchodaspampas at 9:42 PM on April 8, 2007 has what you need. All the caps they sell have info on the type of closure.

The plastic snap closures are now pretty much either the super el-cheapo models they sell at 7-Eleven, or the "oh look I'm Ashton Kutcher" trucker-style hats.
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Response by poster: I live in Brooklyn.
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I agree with the other suggestions. I think the plastic things are out of vogue because (no intention to insult your taste) they look dorky. Mine all have either cloth and a buckle or cloth with hidden velcro. My favorites have cloth with a buckle, but then a slot to slide the extra cloth into so it doesn't stick out like a micro ponytail.

So, yep, like the others of said, the plastic strap will have to be your priority, and you will have to take whatever hat it's attached to.
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What, the Park Slope Starter Kit doesn't come with one?
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Not sure if you know about the stretch-fit style -- provides the look of a fitted cap with more flexibility/comfort. If it is aesthetic objections to the fitted look as well, then I don't think you will find what you are looking for online or in NYC -- try gas stations and flea markets in B'more or Philly for knock-offs.
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Response by poster: Park Slope Starter Kit? Was I just zinged?
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Consider yourself combo-breakered!
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I have a Montreal Expos one, but it's technically a childs-size. I just wear it pretty big. But I totally agree with you on the preference thing.
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Not sure if there's a Target in NY, but the baseball hats they carry have the plastic straps (I noticed because I don't like them)... They tend to only carry a handful of teams though (Yankees, Boston, etc.). Even in Milwaukee, you can't get a Brewers hat from them.
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What, the Park Slope Starter Kit doesn't come with one?
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I don't live in NYC, but I can infer enough to believe this is quite funny.
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If you're looking for an old Starter-style cap (early '90s, lower peak than a New Era with logo on the front and pro league insignia on the temple), good luck and let me know--I've been looking for a while now with no luck. I found some NCAA joints on eBay, but they don't exactly scratch the itch...
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Usually hats given away at games on promo days are the snap type. Of course, you may have to also endure a logo on the back or side of the hat from the corporation that sponsored the promo day...
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AFIAK, the snaps and holes' hats are still sold at discount retailers like wal-mart, ames, k-mart, or duane ready [or whatever that drug store is called].

Secondly, go to Philly on a home game day(if you want it really bad), and see if one of the street vendors outside the stadium sells them (could also check the ones near Shea and Yankee Stadium).

Or heck, since you're in NYC, go to Chinatown or the streets on Manhattan that sell bootlegged merch. Ask a street vendor - they might be willing to refer to a fellow vendor who sells what you're looking for.

Finally, also check modell's if you haven't already.
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