Looking for a song from The Namesake soundtrack
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Namesake Soundtrack Filter: There's a song playing when Gogol and Moushumi meet -- is it an actual song or just soundtrack filler? If it's a song what's it called and who does it?

the refrain is something like: "Bonjour Monsieur" -- a sexy song for a sexy scene. I've looked at the soundtrack listings for the movie and sampled some of the songs but can't figure out what it is -- any ideas?
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Sorry, I haven't seen the film yet, but I did just read an interview with Mira Nair in the recent Believer magazine. She mentions the name of the guy who she worked with to do the music for the film. His name is Nitin Sawhney [personal site | wikipedia] who she describes as a "cutting-edge British-Asian musician in London."

Not much of an answer, I know, but I thought it might be useful information in your hunt. Good luck.
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That was a fantastic movie (saw it this weekend, fell in love). The Wiki for the movie states: "One British-Indian electronica piece is State of Bengal's IC408. The French piece is the song, Allo!, Bonjour Monsieur." That sounds like it might be your song, but since the wiki doesn't specify the scene, perhaps not.

If you're still looking, this would probably be a great question for the Adtunes Film Soundtrack Forum.
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State Of Bengal's song plays when they arrive in India for their vacation. That's a kick ass song.
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Response by poster: Allo!, Bonjour Monsieur - that's probably it. Thanks.

I really enjoyed the movie too -- which isn't always the case when I love the book.
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It is a kick ass song, chunking express - I headed to iTunes to buy it after hunting it down yesterday.
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