Is Oaxaca safe today?
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OaxacaTravel: How about now?

I understand that the political situation and civil unrest have averted people from visiting Oaxaca over the last few months, but this is the place I have always wanted to visit while in Mexico. Work is taking me to Acapulco in May and I hope to escape soon enough and head south but this previous question from AskMe has me thinking. Could I possibly hear back from the honeymoon couple if they chose to go there? Or other people who live in Mexico or traveled there recently? How is the situation today? Any projections for next month? Would it be better safety-wise to stay somewhere in the outskirts or entirely outside the city but visit it daily? In case it is helpful I also hold a Greek passport.

Finally, I would also be grateful for any book recommendations about Mexico's history and culture. Grazias.
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There are a couple of websites on Oaxaca that are actually pretty good. I haven't been there since Day of the Dead a decade ago, so others can advise you better on the current political climate. I will say this though, Mexico can be an edgy, dangerous place at times. If the other posters advise you not to go, listen to them. Acapulco should be fine though, I'd imagine.
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Response by poster: Thanks miss lynnster. Since different foreign embassies in Mexico seem to have more or less lukewarm to cautionary approach on the matter I will wait till the last moment to make my decision. I just don't know when and if I will be able to travel to Oaxaca again.
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I can't comment on the overall situation but I just got back from the Huatulco area and all was good. Spent some time with a couple doing a "shoestring" holiday all over Oaxaca and they also seemed to be having an enjoyable time. I would not have know there were any problems - they certainly did not seem visible to me.
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My girlfriend is in Oaxaca City for the month of April on a med school rotation. She's having a great time and has seen no signs at all of the troubles of last year. Of course, she's not from there, so not privy to any tensions that may or may not be simmering below the surface, but overall, it sounds quite changed from last year.
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