Questions about Prostitute Procedure
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Short Story Research Filter: In films, a prostitute will often ask if she can use the bathroom. I'm guessing that it's for the purpose of freshening up, but (a) does this entail anything specific? and (b) does this actually happen? (cue embarrasment at my woeful lack of knowledge / ability to ask what is probably a stupid question / the nature of the question).
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Honestly, not all, but the refresh-in-up includes having their fix, which is not always a pretty sight. Not everyone whom likes coke likes the sight of crack.
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IANAW, but I would guess that she is either actually using the toilet, getting high, putting on makeup, powdering her nose (yes it really happens), washing certain body parts, brushing her hair, or sucking on something...maybe a nice mint. Or any combination of the above. None of them sound too implausible to use in your story.

Maybe some nice, honest-to-goodness whores will chime in and give us the skinny.
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I always thought it was to put a diaphragm or iud in or something. (i only knew male whores--sorry)
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IUDs have to be inserted by medical professionals, as they go inside the uterus and require dilation of the cervix.
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They could also be checking to make sure there isn't a psycho in the house, or calling their agency to let them know where they are.
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My friend Jim, who knows from some whores, says: She is calling her pimp/madam on a cellphone to say that yes, you paid her and no, don't send the knee-capping thugs.
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I assumed it meant making everything purty-smellin' down south.

Or whatever.
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The above are all good ideas. Applying some lubcrication might also be a reason.
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Sorry, off-topic, but man, I kinda want to hear the story now. If before the act, it could be for all of the above reasons, or if after, she might actually have to use the bathroom. Some women have to go right after sex because of g-spot stimulation or regular clitoral stimulation - everything seems to be connected down there.
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Visit this website (which is some great reading) and maybe send her an email.
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I always assumed it was for the purpose of inserting a diaphragm and is a hold-over from the pre-pill era where "liberated" women carried diaphragms instead of worrying about pregnancy. They're not fun to wear around, so you'd want to put them in pretty much right before you got horizontal and insertion can involve messy spermicidal creams [i.e. not the world's best turn-on, esp if you're being paid]. Alternately douching, rouging nipples, breath mints, fixing, all are likely scenarios. Probably you see it in a lot of movies because the people who make the movies all watch the same movies. I also figured it's so you can get some screen time alone with Mr. Protagonist, so just a handy device.
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why don't you have her try to crawl out of the bathroom window cause she's too scared of the client, or disgusted by him?

or as thomcat pointed out, have her OD' in the guy's bathroom, so he now has a dead hooker to dispose of.

interesting, no?
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I just asked a FOAFOAF who knows these things, and they said one main purpose was to change from street clothes to something sexier and easier for the client to remove. (sounds reasonable to me)
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For a first person look at prostitutes, read Mark Ames Whore-R Stories in the russian ex-pat zine 'the eXile'. Many times the girls shower first.
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Sometimes to check for anything worth stealing, such as prescription drugs.
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In Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts was flossing her teeth...
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Response by poster: AskMefi is great. I'd guessed at most of it, but the phonecall to the pimp/madam is fantastic, and I hadn't even considered lubrication. The pretty woman line is pretty good too, but I'm trying to stay away from inner dialogue, so not sure that I can use it. Thankyou.
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