How do I bring my Ipod back to life?
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Yet ANOTHER Ipod question: This morning it was working great, now it is dead as a doornail. Please help me bring my Ipod back to life! It is too young to die.

This morning I was listening to my Ipod, everything was fine. I turned it off and went to work. After I got off work I went to plug it in my car and.....nothing. This is a 1.5 month old Ipod, and the battery was more than half charged. I tried using an old charger that you hook to an outlet, and still there was nothing. I am trying to connect it to my computer as I am typing this, and my computer doesn't even recognize that I have it plugged in. I even tried restarted my computer and, you guessed it, still nothing! Any ideas?

Help me not have to go to the apple store, and I will love you forever!
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Dumb question, but have you tried rebooting it?
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rebooting instructions
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Yeah, when you say nothing, what exactly do you mean?

Nothing as in, you know, nothing?

Or nothing as in OMG-the-screen-is-frozen?

99% of the time, I find these problems can be solved by a simple reboot. On mine, I would accomplish this by toggling the hold switch off and on, then holding down the middle button and the menu button for a number of seconds until the iPod reboots itself.
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(I did not mean to suggest that your question was dumb, slc228, but that my answer might perhaps be too obvious.)
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Since it's 1.5 months old, why not just send it back for another? Had this problem with an iPod shuffle on the first day I got it, so I just sent it back and the replacement has been working just fine for a year.
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Did you leave the itrip thing on your ipod? it still broadcasts even when "off."

If the battery is drained it could take a while to power up.

Try charging it overnight. If nothing, you're going to the apple store.
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Mine isn't under warranty and does this now and then. If it won't charge, I have to wait for the battery to drain completely, which might take days, then charge it. I hate my iPod, but I can't live without it.
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This happened with my second gen nano the week I got it (Christmas). It happened a couple times, completely draining the battery. Resetting it worked, as linked above.

I noticed turning it off manually by holding the play/pause button is when it happened. Since then I have let it shut itself off and haven't had any problems.
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If just rebooting the iPod doesn't work, you try to restore the iPod using iTunes. (Note that you will lose anything on the iPod if you to the restore.)
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Apple does have a great replacement policy if needed. My shuffle died within warranty, and they sent a replacement and return label overnight.

Just in case...
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If *nothing*, leave on the chrager for a long time, and try a reset.

If "sad ipod", open case and reseat hard drive cable (worked for me!).
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Erk! It's so young, don't open it. Just send it back if isn't working.
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Could you try a different cable? Just a thought.
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Not sure if you attempted the reboot yet (holding "Center+ Menu" for 10+ seconds) but my boyfriend had a similar problem where he would try to reboot his and it would freeze up again. In that situation, reboot it again and when you see the Apple logo quickly switch from "Center + Menu" to holding down "Center + Play" (which should force the iPod into disk mode,) then plug it into your computer and use iTunes to restore it.

If the iPod isn't responsive to the reboot, go with everyone else's suggestion and bring it to the nearest Apple store. My boyfriend worked at one and he dealt with stuff like this on a daily basis, they'll get you fixed up.
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Just as a head's up - the old plug-in-to-the-wall charger cables (the ones that attach to a firewire iPod cable) won't work for your brand new iPod, if I recall. They only charge via USB.
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This same thing happened to my 30GB Video iPod about three weeks ago - Battery wouldn't charge, PC wouldn't recognize it, nothing. An Apple rep confirmed that it was dead in the water, and since it was still under warranty, I shipped my old one back and got a new one with 10 days. (The RMA paperwork said "Dead Battery" - not sure why I got a new one). Best warranty experience I've ever had.

If it's under warranty, call 'em.
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Always reboot it twice. My almost 2 year old iPod Nano does the "I'm not gonna power off! NYAH!" thing about once a month, and I always have to reboot it twice before it cooperates.

And the "restore iPod" thing is cool. Might help. Just make sure you have backups (or originals) of the stuff on it.
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