Where can I find a display cage for our mice?
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So I'm looking for a huge display cage with multiple smaller rodent cages inside of it. Like the ones you see at PetSmart. Anyone "in the industry" know what these are called and/or where someone could find one? (pictures inside).

Are they custom made for the stores? I found this one while on eBay, but the seller ended the auction early apparently due to finding a local buyer. 12 hours before the auction ended.

I'm willing to pay to have them shipped no problem, but who makes these bad boys?

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So apparently the images don't quite work...

they're on flickr, too.

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They look like lab cages. A lab supplier will carry them.
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I did a quick Google search for 'pet store fixtures' and found these, which start at around $1700.

I don't know about Wichita, but you might be able to find some used ones at a store specializing in used retail fixtures. I'm sure there's one in KC and/or Tulsa.
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FYI, the img tag doesn't work anywhere on MetaFilter. See this MeTa post for details.
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oneirodynia - good point! We found a few lab suppliers after you mentioned it and I'm waiting on a follow-up email from them about pricing now.

Atom12 - great find! I'm not familiar with the retail world whatsoever, "fixtures" would have never crossed my mind.

solotoro - ahh, makes sense. :)
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If anyone is interested later on...


Companion Habitats manufacturers all of the PetSmart display fixtures, which is exactly what we're looking for.

Thanks MeFi!
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