Ideas for a cool Saturday night in Paris!
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Where do the cool kids go in Paris?

We are going to be in Paris on Saturday for a weekend break and would love to take the opportunity to experience Parisian nightlife (be it bars, clubs whathaveyou). We are particularly looking for somewhere that does great electro/indie/house music and where all the scensters go for late night Parisian fun rather than anywhere touristy. We are staying in Saint Germain so somewhere nearby would be great but would definitely go outside this if it was worth it. We have been told about
La Batofar and this it is an option but as many other ideas as possible would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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Oh, and near Saint Germain there is Wagg
posted by hazyjane at 5:13 AM on April 5, 2007

Batofar is an awesome club on a boat... I went on a Friday night, which was awesome.
posted by tomw at 5:31 AM on April 5, 2007

Woops. Missed that you already knew about it. Well, chalk up a vote for it anyway. :)
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You can try Le Truskel (it's in Bourse - map)
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My hip friends in paris were always off to the Pop In (105 rue Amelot).
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Rex Club
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also April club listings for Paris
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