I need to learn SQR
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Anyone know anything about SQR? [More Inside]

I'm told I have to learn it to help out with a payroll application we use here (ADP HR Enterprise). I know a little bit of SQL with plans to learn more soon. I've found very little in the way of books or classes I can take. I'm pretty sharp when it comes to programming, although I'm not a programmer, so I'm confident I can learn it. I just need somewhere to start.

Does anyone know of any SQR classes in the Boston area? Or anywhere else for that matter? Any good books that aren't specific to Peoplesoft? Do I need a good background in SQL before I can even attempt SQR?

Yes, I've found a few things via Google. A tutorial or two. Google is convinced I meant to search for SQL, which to me means SQR is pretty rare. My boss is happy to pay for some classes though and I'd like to take him up on it.
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I've heard that you can find many manuals to download in your friendly neighborhood P2P network.
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Some info, a mailing list and (possible) training classes.
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I went on a training course a couple of years ago at Brio, the then owners of SQR, which has now been bought by Hyperion.
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