Writing Grant - suggestions?
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Dear Metafilter, Can you suggest an itemized itinerary and budget for a three to four week summer trip to a country in Europe on a three to four thousand dollar budget? It must be tailored to the aspiring writer.

I am applying for a grant that asks for this information along with a short story which I've already created and have confidence in. Please include transportation (east coast airfare) and accommodations. Thank you kindly.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: hi, even if you're at a big school this is still "do my homework" filter. post to metafilter jobs if you can't look up airfare yourself.

Are you kidding? You want someone to cost out a trip for you, figure out where to go and how long to stay, and oh, it must be "tailored to the aspiring writer?"

Hell, what's the grant, I'll apply myself and write my own short story.

This is not an "Ask Metafilter" question, this is a "do my work for me" question.
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Response by poster: Hell, what's the grant, I'll apply myself and write my own short story.

Feel free to, gramcracker - the only requirement is that you be an undergraduate at Harvard.
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Here you go. Have a good trip.
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