How can I use Paas tablets to dye fabric?
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Can you dye fabric with Paas tablets? How?

I'd like to dye some remnants, so I don't think the small size of the tablets will be an issue.
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Knitters have been using them pretty successfully (scroll to the bottom here), so I don't see why it wouldn't work similarly on fabric (perhaps a knit fabric would work best, but I don't know anything about how specific fabrics work with dye, so I could be wrong about that).
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You can use food coloring to dye protein-based fabrics, basically anything made out of animal hair. Wool, cashmere, alpaca, silk, mohair, etc.

It won't do a thing to cotton, linen, or synthetics. I couldn't even get it to stain cotton at high concentration, which doesn't explain why it stains fabric so easily if you spill it accidentally.

I have used easter egg dye tablets, drink mix, and packaged food coloring to dye both fabric and yarn.
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I'm assuming you either want to use up your old egg dye, or because it's cheap. But if by chance it's the second thing, then try kool-aid. Here's a good and simple tutorial for dyeing with kool-aid
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