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Does anyone know of a good realtor that specializes in mid-century modern homes in the Northern Virgina area?
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I don't know about specializing that tightly...but when house-hunting here in NoVa six years ago, I had a very, very persnickety list of features that I did and did not want in a home and neighborhood, and the realtor a coworker recommended to me was absolutely AWESOME about actually listening to me and trying to find stuff that exactly fit my criteria...I ended up in the very first house on her list, as a matter of fact.

So if you don't get any recs for someone with that exact focus, Audrey Funk at Weichert really kicks ass, and I'm quite confident that she could find whatever you're looking for.
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I don't have a specific recommendation either, but I do know that there is a treasure trove of mid-century modern homes at relatively reasonable prices (for this area) in Annandale. You might want to call a few realtors in that area.

Also, this is really vague, but I recall that the Post did one of those "Where We Live" columns on the neighborhood to which I'm referring some time in the last couple of years. You might want to check the Post archive.
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Eresh, that's where I'm living right a place built in 1946. But while Annandale is still pretty affordable by inside-the-Beltway crazy standards, it's definitely gotten much, much more expensive in just the few years I've been here. I'm also starting to see occasional hints of tear-down-McMansionization of some of the regions' older, smaller homes, which makes me sad.
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If you're serious about midcentury modern in NOVA, look at Hollin Hills. There is at least one real estate agent who specializes in that development. (I'm not specifically recommending her; that's just the first Google result.)
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Having bought and sold in NoVa, I found that most realtors were very specialized by area. There were people who specialized solely in Old Town Alexandria, which must be about 1/2 square mile in size. You might want to pick your area, and then look for an agent accordingly.
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