Does anyone know of a really nice (vegetarian-friendly) restaurant for a small post-wedding lunch/brunch in the NH seacoast area?
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Does anyone know of a really nice (vegetarian-friendly) restaurant for a small post-wedding lunch/brunch in the NH seacoast area?

My financee and I are getting married the morning of Sat, June 16 in Portsmouth, NH in a very small, family-only ceremony. Only about 10-15 people. We want to find a lunch/brunch restaurant for post-wedding food and celebration in southern ME, seacoast NH or northern MA seacoast. Must be reasonably fancy and vegetarian friendly, as there will be 4 vegetarians including myself. Private room not required.

Suggestions would be most appreciated!
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Best answer: 5pm is probably too late for lunch/brunch, but I saw this on the Phantom Gourmet recently and added it to a list of places I want to try when I'm in Portsmouth. Dunaway Restaurant.
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How fancy is "reasonably fancy"?
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Bintliff's in Ogunquit is quite nice and the food is delicious. Looking at their menu, it seems as though they could accomodate vegetarians. And it's my recollection that the restaurant is broken up into smallish rooms, so you might be able to get a semi-private spot for your brunch.

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Hey, you live right near me. I'm in Stratham.

Brunch is surprisingly hard to come by in Portsmouth, given the abundance of restaurants. Most places seem to be dinner only, or have rather uninspiring lunch menus.

Maybe the Friendly Toast? Fancy it's not, but it's fun and the food is good. Definitely veggie-friendly.

There's the Library, which serves brunch but is a steakhouse so probably won't do.
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Response by poster: FreezBoy: I did look at Dunaway Restaurant and it looked quite nice, but the 5pm part doesn't really work.

Elsa: I guess I just mean not strictly casual. We'll be dressed semi-formal (i.e. I'm wearing a suit) and I don't want to seem completely out of place.

suki: Bintliff's looks promising and.. thanks!
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Reasonably fancy, pleasant atmosphere, close enough to downtown could be Abercrombie's. Not overly vegetarian but might have something for everyone (menu online).

Rosa's is an Italian place downtown where we had a similar sort of get-together ... again, check menu for the vegetarians.
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The Angry Toast is strictly casual. Not the place to go in a suit unless you want glares from disgruntled lesbians. I went to some place once down the road a ways from Wentworth by the sea. I can't remember the name of the place, though.
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Response by poster: schoolgirl report: Ha! Awesome. I do love the Friendly Toast, but you are quite right that it doesn't really fit.

theredpen: I know of Abercrombie's, though I've never been. I'll have to check them out. I've actually eaten at Rosa's. It was good, but I wasn't terribly impressed.
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Let us know where you end up going, okay?

And I meant to say: Congratulations!! We also got married locally and I hope you have a lovely day.
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Response by poster: theredpen: Will do! I think my financee and I and going to spend the next couple weeks trying places out and then I'll report back. Thanks so much!
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Response by poster: Well, in case anyone is still keeping score, we are going to have our post wedding lunch at Dunaway. We looked at Bintliff's and the Library as well, but just liked Dunaway better. Its a beautiful restaurant and they are happy to make custom vegetarian-friendly options. Should be great!
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