What are NYC resturants with gardens?
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Please guide me toward restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn with gardens and/or great outdoor areas.

As my front page question asked, I am searching for restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn with gardens and/or outdoor spaces. I am convinced that there are other places than those listed on Citysearch and in New York Magazine! Ideally, the restaurant would serve as a place for a wedding ceremony and reception. Thanks.
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I think having a party in the backyard of Robin des Bois on Smith Street would be cool -- it's one of the more eclectic backyards around, and it's pretty big. And, they do rent it out for parties, I think.
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Le Jardin Bistro on Cleveland Place.
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I personally think I Trulli is overpriced, but it certainly has a lovely garden area.
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One of the nicest backyard areas in Brooklyn is at Convivium Osteria on 5th between Bergen and St. Mark's. Not too mention it is one of the best authentic Italian places you will find (the other is Al Di Al but they don't have a garden). It could absolutely handle a small wedding reception/rehearsal dinner.

I am a big fan of the Czech Beer Garden in Astoria (not Manhattan or Brooklyn, I know, but..) but it's drinking food - good, satisfying, but not a food destination. Perfect for a large reception however I'm not sure if they lease the space.

Both Ici and Lou Lou on DeKalb in Ft. Greene have lovely back yards, both are French inspired. I prefer Lou Lou. It couldn't handle a reception though. Ici could but again, don't know their policy.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden (absolutely gorgeous) definitely hosts weddings and receptions and they have both an outdoor and a covered area. I'm not sure if they have caterers themselves.

If I can think of more I'll come back. It's really going to come down to how big your party is.
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The Roebling Tea Room in Williamsburg has a nice backyard, but it is by no means a botanical garden or anything.
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Jolie on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn has a lovely garden, the food is great, and the staff is extremely nice. The owner also has another private-party venue nearby--I haven't seen it and I'm not sure if it has outdoor space, but it couldn't hurt to ask.
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My first thought was Robin des Bois, to which suasponte beat me.
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There is Alma on the waterfront in Brooklyn Heights. Has a roof deck bar and restaurant with fantastic views of the NYC skyline. That would be a great place for a reception. Slightly sophisticated Mexican food.
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My first thought was Le Jardin Bistro, to which R.Mutt beat me.
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There is a restaurant called Park on 9th, I think, around 18th. One of the absolute most awesomest outdoor spaces ever. Along with a very nice indoor space. Really nice, and the food was good.
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Barbetta (Theatre District)
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While their food is excellent (their cassoulet is unmatched), the garden at Le Jardin Bistro is not >that< big, and the restaurant proper seats about 40 people. how big is your wedding?br>
We had our reception at American Park (which seems to be called Battery Gardens now), which does not technically have a "garden", although it does have a nice large outdoor patio facing the river and it's surrounded by plenty of green things in Battery Park.
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Hey, I got married at Battery Gardens last year! Indoors, though, as stated.

Actually, I always thought it was called An American Place before it was Battery Gardens, but now realize that whoever told me that was confusing it with a different restaurant.
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