Recommendation for a podiatrist in NYC?
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I'm looking for a good podiatrist in the New York City area.

I've had problems with plantar warts for several years, and have been to see a couple of different podiatrists about the problem. Unfortunately, I never followed up on the issue with my doctors, and it's persisted to this day. All of my previous podiatrists have recommended over-the-counter salicylic acid, which I refuse to use any more (not just because of skin damage, but I believe my current tinnitus came about as a result of using it for so long). I'm thinking it might come down to surgery, which is why finding the right podiatrist is especially important.

On top of that, my fiance and I moved to Jersey City recently, so my previous podiatrist is now a bit out of the way. We haven't been to any new doctors yet, but I really want to have my foot problem taken care of soon, as I'm due to start a new job at the end of the month. A doctor in Jersey City or Manhattan is preferable, as well as someone who is reasonably priced.
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Best answer: Dr. Gregg Rock in Manhattan. I saw him for a while and he got rid of some very persistent plantar warts. I highly recommend him.
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Best answer: FWIW, my dermatologist recommended ignoring planter warts if they did not impact walking / running. I don't know if it was a coincidence or not, but planter warts that had resisted several surgical removal attempts just up and vanished on their own after that dermatologist convinced me to stop worrying about them. YMMV.
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