What I Did This Coming Summer?
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How can a 20-year old attend computer camp?

This summer, I would like to learn how to do some basic computer programming. Nothing really major, just enough to feel kind of cool and play with things. I do not care what language.
I would like to do this via some sort of structured course setting, in New York City, part-time. (as in, >30 hours a week.) I cannot go to a real computer camp, because I somehow got old. there are summer courses offered through NYU and Columbia, but they're kind of expensive, and I think you're paying for the privilege of a college credit, and I have no need to transfer any of these credits over to my primary institution. Does anyone have any ideas?
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CUNY is $170 per unit. Even though you don't care about the units, it may be worthwhile anyway because (a) financial aid is more likely to be available at a college than some private center, (b) some employers offer tuition reimbursement for credit coursework, and (c) you never know when the units will come in handy later. What if you wind up liking programming enough to pursue a certificate or degree?
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Have you looked at auditing the NYU and Columbia courses? Columbia has a blurb here about their auditing program - but its sparse. NYU offers this, but after about 10 minutes of trying to find it, I gave up.

At all the undergrad places I've been to, audited classes are cheaper than the audited ones, and the bonus of auditing is that there's no grade and no assignments - you're there just to sit in and learn. Columbia seems to have a weird policy about class participation with auditing individuals, but (again) all the people auditing my classes during undergrad seemed just like regular students, except they were usually older and happier. :)

Something to look at.

btw - love the user name. :)
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Have you researched on-line, community college computer classes? I took several here in Seattle. Cheap and good quality instruction.
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