Help! Mac! (my wife!)
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My wife cannot get online with her Mac. The problem has been persistent ever since she got back from Central America. Any suggestions?

When she does try to log on, her web browser says this:

Problem Report - Access denied to system because of URL Filter Configuration


Problem Description - Request denied, as specified in the local filter configuration.

Possible Solution - Contact your network team if this problem persists.

My knowledge of computers, particularly macs, is limited, at best. Any sort of helpful tips or walk-thru's would be greatly appreciated.


//and no its not the router... all other puters work fine.
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Response by poster: oh... she is using the firefox browser and no longer has any other browser.
posted by rare_g at 6:07 PM on April 3, 2007

This happens with every website she tries to access? Or just a few?
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Check the proxy configurations (preferences->Advanced->Network->settings) in firefox 2 - see if she has one set.
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Response by poster: every website.... but she is saying her skyppe still works....????
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Response by poster: she doesn't have firefox 2 ( so this "(preferences->Advanced->Network->settings)" didn't work....
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Best answer: Well, somewhere in preferences is a proxy setting. Make sure you have none set.
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Response by poster: Thanks! You make me look smarter than i am!
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And if you're going to shuttle back and forth between somewhere that needs a proxy and somewhere that doesn't, the SwitchProxy extension is very useful. Turn off its enormous toolbar and just use the unobtrusive popup menu installed in the status bar instead.
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