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I need to obtain a new copy of an Egyptian engineering book, please help!

A teacher at my university kindly loaned us a book for an engineering project, but the book was mistreated and is now in terrible shape. I searched a bit on the web but because the book is from Egypt and the Ain Shams University site bookstore didn't have it I am at a loss.

Here are the details:

Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook

Prof. Dr. Shaker El-Behairy
Faculty of Engineering
Ain Shams University
Fifth Edition

-The cover says 5th edition, but the first page inside the book says 6th edition (typo?).
-The preface is dated 1970 and 1971
-The book is hardcover with a brownish/reddish cover with gold lettering

Any help locating a new copy of this book would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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Best I can find is the 4th edition. I can't read Arabic, but the university has a page for staff-published books here--maybe you can get further information?
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This is kind of weird...there's a book with the same title on Alibris, same physical description (burgundy covers with gold lettering) - but it's by Walter Kunze from the American Concrete Institute in Detroit. Hm...
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Response by poster: Upton O'Good - I had a friend who speaks Arabic search the staff pblished books page and it wasn't there, that's why I turned to MeFi. I should have been clearer in my question.
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This place appears to have a copy of the 4th edition but with a 1995 publication date.

This place has the third edition.

Neither of these is an exact replacement, but in the event you can't find the 5th edition, a different edition might suffice as a good-faith replacement.
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