Tips for studying (CA Bar) at Santa Clara U Law
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[BayArea Filter] So I'm going to be moving back home to study for the CA Bar at Santa Clara U Law

So I'll be moving back home in a little over a month to start studying for the California Bar. I'm taking BarBri bar review courses at Santa Clara University Law School (which I'm pretty much totally unfamiliar with). Looking for tips from anyone that went to Santa Clara for the following areas

* Best place to study? Unfortunately, all the information I've received so far indicates that I won't be able to use the on-campus law library...any other suggestions?

* Best place for a cheap & quick lunch/dinner?

* Best nearby gym?

* Secret tips about the campus and/or surrounding area for a Bay Area native (but SCU newbie ;)?
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I took the California Bar in San Jose, and there's a little coffee shop just a block or two from Santa Clara University. During the day or so that I was in town before the exam, I studied there. It was a good place to study, if you can handle coffee-shop clatter.
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I should have said, "[t]here was, several years ago, a little coffee shop ..." I have no idea if it's still there.
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Response by poster: @jayder - any idea what the name of that shop was?
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sadly, I am a loooong time out of school, but I do live 1/2 mile from SCU, so...

I think the coffe shop Jayder is talking about is on The Alameda, right at the curve, near Taco Bell (I never noticed the name, but I drive by it twice a day). It is a favorite hang-out of the Santa Clara Police. There's also something like 42 Starbucks in a 5 mile radius.

The Library on Naglee got a bunch of federal money recently, and is really nice

The Safeway on the Alameda is geared toward SCU students, so they have a nice deli and a good selection of booze. Not much selection on anything else- for regular groceries, go to the Safeway on San Carlos

The Cozy diner on the corner of Newhall and the Alameda is known for their huge breakfasts and fairly reasonable prices. El Camino is pretty close, and there are a ton of hole-in-the wall places on El Camino, that change hands fairly regularly. The same thing goes for San Carlos.

Of course, this is assuming you have a car and will be using it. There aren't a whole lot of places within walking distance to SCU (assuming that walking distance is 1/2 mile or less). Mostly student-y places- pizza, chicken, and Mexican. And of course, coffee.

Some of my favorite "secret spots" are Santo Market on Taylor and I *think* 5th (maybe 6th)- more of a dive than the gorcery in Japantown, but good snacks. There is a Tacos Al Pastor on Bascom, near San Carlos, and apparently one on Jackson and 4th in Japantown. I love their food- filling and cheap.

Sorry I can't help with the Gym- hubby goes to Golds, and I use the treadmill at work.

Good luck with your studies!
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I don't remember the name of the coffee shop. If I recall correctly, it was just a block or two from the Santa Clara University entrance. It was definitely walking distance, and was in a sort of row of little shops and restaurants.

Heading from Santa Clara University on that street, you'd pass this coffee shop, and then that same street would take you to what seemed to be the San Jose downtown.
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The place you're thinking of is probably Mission City Coffee. It's right there on the Alameda.

SCU is right near the Caltrain station.

University Chicken has flaming ass hot wings.

Dunno about gyms. I use ours at work. If you're a girl, there are a bunch of "Curves" locations in the area. If you're a guy, I dunno.

Since it's near Caltrain, there's no shortage of busses. There's plenty of food places up & down El Camino Real.
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Oh cool, hopefully you'll get to hear (former) Dean Uelman play his accordian (he's a sweetie).

The nearest non Y gym is Club One, over toward the airport (not a short stroll). Very nice gym chain, but sorta pricey. Can you use the gym equipment at SCU? I used to work there and back then they allowed even the lowly support staff to use Leavey Center during non-practice/game hours--I don't recall ever having to flash an ID.

Parking on campus was a giant PITA. I doubt that's changed. Caltrain station is right across the street from the main entrance.

Not walking distance (not much is) but reasonably close and one of my favorite cheap & healthy places to eat: Falafel Drive-In, on San Carlos at 880.

On review, I see you're going there to pass the bar, not enroll in law school. Hm. Nevermind about the accordian, then but maybe the early morning bagpipe dude is still around.
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Santa Clara has a beautiful campus. I went there for a semester and enjoyed studying outside quite a bit.

I know Mission Coffee was really popular but I found it too noisy. I really liked Alyis & Rose (1686 Lafayette St.). Really cozy and comfy, quiet. The owner is super nice and she makes her own pastries and chillis and such.

SCU's cafeteria has great food - so much healthier than the greasy crap they serve at Tulane.
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