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I need cheap airfare from Florida to Argentina and back.

I will be traveling to Cordoba, Argentina this summer on my school's dollar and they have implored me to find the cheapest airfare possible. My advisor suggested that I look in the Spanish-language version of the Miami Herald for seriously discounted fares, but I have been unable to find any related information.

Any experienced traveler know the places to look for really cheap airfare to this part of the world? I live in DeLand, FL, which is most convenient to Orlando (MCO) but I could also go to Miami if that makes the fare better. I will be leaving around the middle of May and getting back early-mid June.

Thanks in advance.
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I have never been to Argentina, or flown out of Orlando (except a family vacation, in 1991) but has been a great resource. Usually 25-30% better than what I find from travelocity/expedia and the like.

Good luck!
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I highly recommend Student Universe, I buy all my airfare through them and they have the best deals I've ever seen.

You could also buy a motorcycle with a sidecar, and we could go together. You drive, I'll work on my book.
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You can check Orbitz, Travelocity, Cheap Tickets, Expedia, Kayak & Priceline simultaneously on Also try the IIATC site and their Consolidator Flight Engine.

And if you've got a student ID card, here are more options.
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In general: Check with the company that writes the software for almost all airline pricing at ITA software. Gives exact codes for buying tickets and includes notes about short layovers, changing terminals, etc.

Personal experience speaking: Specific airlines I'd check on would be Aerolineas Argentinas (cheap, but I hate flying with them), GOL (through Brazil probably - I don't think they fly to the US yet - not sure if you need a visa to transit in Brazil, if you're an American), and American Airlines (hub in Miami to S. American locations).

FWIW, my April 2005 round-trip BOS-EZE was $700, and domestic round-trips in Argentina were about $200 bought on short notice.
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April 2006. Sorry, I'm new to this Gregorian calendar thing.
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My personal experience squares with what whatzit said about the Aerolineas/American difference, although, IIRC (it has been 6 years since I've been) part of the reason I avoided Aerolineas was that they flew into the less-convenient Buenos Aires airport, which may not be a problem for you if you are just connecting through there.
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And now that I have been to whatzit's link to ITA, I just wanted to add that it is the best flight search site EVAR.
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Flying to Buenos Aires and taking a bus to Cordoba might be cheaper, but the ITA website above is giving me a quote of about US$765 on TAM Airlines (the largest airline in Brazil) for a Miami-Sao Paolo-Cordoba flight, and $720 for Miami-Sao Paolo-Buenos Aires.
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This was with a May 15 departure and coming back June 15.
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I know Córdoba is not Buenos Aires, but you may also look at this question.
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TAM's been a good experience on domestic flights (Brazil), I've never used them internationally.

** If you go with any of these options that involve Brazil, and you are an American citizen, make sure to check if you will need a visa to transit, because you do need one to stay there. It has recently been $100/5 year multi-entry. **
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Air Gorilla sometimes has good deals.
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$725 was the best deal we found to fly from Washington DC to Buenos Aires last year, I don't think you'd be able to find anything much cheaper than $700. We got it through

(I've always figured that stories like check out the foreign language paper or call up a foreign language travel agent for the REAL deals were mostly BS, maybe they were somewhat true before the internet, but not anymore)
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