Free Journalism, online?
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I love This American Life and like Now With Bill Moyers and Frontline. I like listening to these shows while I'm doing mundane tasks around the house. What other audio or video streams of great journalism are available for free online?
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The BBC has live streams of all their radio stations, as well as archives of the last week available in an on-demand player. Here.
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If you get into music journalism at all, WFMU has archived their old Secret Museum of Air shows which highlight very niche-y musical genres and areas. Some music, some talking, I always learn new stuff. From a more history-oriented perspective, CBC's Lost & Found Sound has some great archived shows that have archival audio mixed with contemporary radio descriptions. Their Stories from Sound Collectors section is very This American Life-ish.
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Not free, but has some fantastic stuff. I highly recommend Bill Bryson's A Short History of Absolutely Everything and Eugenides' Middlesex.
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Hearing Voices on the Radio
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Home Truths is what I suspect to be the UK style of T.A.L., hosted by the inimitable national treasure - John Peel.

Not sure if it'll appeal to USians, tho'.
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I believe Harry Shear's "LeShow" has an online archive. Usually a good listen. Terry Gross's "Fresh Air" also archives their recent broadcasts.
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Le Show is great.

Lot of good videos on CSPAN.
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I really like The Connection, so much so that I put together some RSS feeds (self link) for it.
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I love this -- more public radio stations than you can shake a stick at.. !
the webpage layout is kind of yucky, but you can reformat a little bit.
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B-Side Radio is a young, promising TAL wanna-be. And don't forget there are over 10 years of Joe Frank online.
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Speaking of TAL, I think they just tragically jumped the shark with the "Promised Lan" show and Ira Glass' song.
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herc: Actually, Fresh Air has everything back to 2000, not just recent ones.
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and dont forget:
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