Shoo Pink Eye Dont Bother Me
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Is pink eye contagious if no symptoms are present?

I currently have pink eye. My girlfriend figures she does too and that it is just incubating within her at the moment (no symptoms)... I have no idea if she actually DOES have it, but if she DID, would she be contagious without symptoms?
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There are different kinds of pink eye.

See your doctor for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of yourself.

Do not, under any circumstances, share any eye drops with your girlfriend, or any other people.

I am not a doctor.
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Response by poster: I have viral (as opposed to bacterial) pink eye caused by a bad cold/sore throat
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Response by poster: Oh, Ive been to the doctor and have medicine etc... mostly trying to figure out if my symptom-less girlfriend should be worried about infecting other people
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From's info on pinkeye, I think she is fine.

They say that kids with viral as opposed to bacterial conjunctivitis can go back to school. So, since yours was viral, and she doesn't even know for sure if she has it, I would say she's got nothing to worry about.
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What a coincidence! I have viral conjunctivitis, too. Yesterday, I asked my physician if it was contagious, and he told me that as far as the cold virus causing it is contagious, the conjunctivitis is. He also said that the conjunctivitis was the way that my body reacted to this particular cold virus and that if someone else had the same virus, they may not have conjunctivitis. So all in all, I think your girlfriend is ok. However, you should not share any towels or pillowcases until you are all better, and of course don't share any eyedrops.
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And you BOTH MUST wash your hands frequently. Do not touch your eyes or your face, but if you must, wash your hands afterwards. Before and after eating, too.

That, and not sharing eye drops, and having separate pillowcases and towels will be your best bet.

Probably depends bacterial vs viral if she's contagious, but all of the above are good preventative strategies she should be doing anyway.
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Anecdotal of course, but I had a hideous case of viral conjunctivitis. Complete with many corneal infiltrates that left me nearly blind for a week or so. My spouse and kids never contracted it, and we generally live like animals and sleep in big piles.
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Wow, weirdness. I woke up this morning with pink eye symptoms. What the hell...are Mefites coming in and raiding my fridge and sleeping on my pillows when I'm not looking?

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Response by poster: thanks everyone! day 3 and its finally starting to look like an eyeball again! my GF is symptom free!
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