ClassicMacFilter: What's the name of that typing/track-and-field game?
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ClassicMacFilter: What's the name of that typing/track-and-field game?

When I was in middle school, I played a typing game on a black-and-white, all-in-one Macintosh, either a Mac Plus or a Mac Classic. This game taught me typing so well that I want to share it with a friend of mine, using a Mac Plus emulator if necessary.

What I distinctly remember about this game is the hurdles. The game would give you a sentence, and if you made a mistake typing it, your runner would trip over the hurdles. The faster you typed, the faster your runner would reach the finish line.

Does anyone in the hive mind remember playing this typing game? What was it called?
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I remember playing that.

I know I used a very early version of Mavis Beacon Teaches Touch Typing, so that could be it, although I may have used other tutors too.

It was, as you say, an incredibly good way of learning to type FAST.
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I think I remember this from Mavis Beacon as well, that's what I used about 15 years ago.
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Best answer: Type! by Br248;derbund.

Loved it!
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Well, that didn't quite work (though it did in the live preview): Broderbund.
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All the right type?
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that's how i learned, in elementary school. ah, memories.
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A bit unrelated, but I rememeber a game that had you type to drive a racecar - the faster you typed, the faster the car moved. When you made a mistake, a bug splattered on your windshield.
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sherlockt that is definately Mavis Beacon. I know because I just typed this at 53 wpm and have a certificate from her school to prove it.
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Man I remember jamming on the space bar as fast as I could. It was called Type!
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Type! and Mavis Beacon are two separate programs. Type! had the hurdles, I remember playing that at school in our Mac Lab. Mavis had the racecar.
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Response by poster: My google-foo is failing me, because Type! isn't exactly an uncommon word, even when paired with search terms like macintosh, system 6, classic, and education.

Thanks for the tips, though, everyone!
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