What is the best printer for specifically printing envelopes? (iMac/Tiger)
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What is the best printer for specifically printing envelopes? (iMac/Tiger)

I know what applications to use to format it, but I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a printer that excels at printing envelopes. It need not even print out anything else, but if it does, that's cool too.

Preferably consistent, simple, and efficient. Does it exist?
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I use an HP 4050 Series PCL6. I have, however, read that some lower cost HP printers have limiters that inhibit printing after a certain count but we have printed around 200,000 envelopes since 2005, so it looks like a good deal.
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parmanparman: Do you know the envelope capacity without buying an external envelope feeder? I've been looking for a good envelope printing printer but they're all out of my price range.
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Thank you for this question. I have been looking forever for a good envelope printer for small to medium runs (50-500 envelopes). The only envelope printers I have found out there are made for real bulk mailers who do a ton of envelopes at a time, really fast, and they are super expensive (5,000 or so and up).

The HP external envelope feeders hold 75 envelopes, but that solution seems so bulky and overly complicated. Just like the OP said, something that is simple and efficient would be ideal.

There has got to be a market for this type of small-volume envelope printer, don't you think? I'm very much looking forward to seeing any suggestions that the hive mind might offer on this.
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