Cheap storage in Bay Area?
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Cheap storage in the Bay Area?

I'd like to rent a closet-sized space (maybe 5'x5') in the Bay Area to store some stuff for a year or two. Stuff's not valuable, just needs to be out of the rain. Don't need 24-hour access. Public Storage in San Pablo costs $44/month. Can the hive mind find something cheaper? (Nearer to the east end of GG Park, my neighborhood, is also a plus.)
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Kennedy Van and Storage is pretty cheap, but not much cheaper than what you found.
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I researched this about 4 months ago and was unable to find anything at that size with relatively good access within the city limits under $85/month.
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Door-to-Door (in Burlingame?) is all right if you don't need fast access to the stuff and was about as cheap as I could find on the peninsula. DO NOT use U-Haul storage on Bayshore Drive. I had some stuff stolen out of there when I first moved out here. I'm confident it was an inside job.
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I wonder if you'd have better luck craigslisting for someone's garage? Although I guess that's pretty sketchy. Maybe a friend-of-a-friend's garage?
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Response by poster: Thanks for your answers, folks. I guess that's just what it costs to store stuff these days.

This stuff isn't worth $500 a year - it'd cost less than that to toss it all and replace it - so I guess that's what I'll do!
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MeFi yard sale!!!!!!!!!! I'll come, I promise!
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freecycle time!
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