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I would like to display my favorite videos on youtube through some sort of feed contraption on my Bloggy McWebloggerson, but I don't use wordpress. Any suggestions?

I mean, it seems like there should just exist some sort of feed that people could subscribe to. Does Yahoo Pipes offer a solution?
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create a youtube account. collect the videos you want there. pick up the rss feed back at whatever blog you are running.
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Response by poster: As far as I can tell, darkpony, that link doesn't offer an rss feed of my favorite videos. It does offer a feed of any tag, my videos, or the top favorite videos of all earthlings, but those aren't what I desperately want, nay, need. I want a feed of all videos that I add to my list of favorites.
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Vox has built-in integration with YouTube for including your videos on your blog, and it's free. I work for the company that makes Vox, but I'd recommend it anyway.
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It's worth noting that the Wordpress plugin you linked to actually pulls data from darkpony's second link. You don't specify what blog software you're using, but basically what you'd need to do is parse the resulting XML (it's not RSS, so you'll need something a bit more advanced than a simple RSS reader/parser) and spit out whatever info you need to go on your blog—whether that's an RSS feed you can pipe into your blog software or HTML code or something else is up to you. If you're at all familiar with PHP, it's worth looking at the source code for the Wordpress plugin to see how it's done.
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I do this using Feed Digest, to generate a little nugget of html inserted into my blog template. At this exact moment, I can't remember which youtube url or feed I have Feed Digest set to digest, but the set up process was very easy.
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It's worth noting that if you do go the route of parsing the XML returned by a call to the API, when Youtube generates the XML it will give you the latest ten videos in the order that you favorited them from most recent to least recent without any other identification as to the order in which they were favorited except for the order with which they are listed in the generated XML source. So if you want them to stay in order as you pass them around in your code, you have to make sure that happens explicitely.

Just another example of sub-par coder-friendliness from a Google product.
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Response by poster: I found a solution. Carlo at GlowFresh Designs created a PHP soup that will cook an rss feed of any youtube user's favorites. Thank you, Carlo.
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