no-frills iPod speakers?
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Please recommend cheap-ass speakers for my iPod.

I have an iPod Nano. I would like to be able to listen to it in the kitchen, using speakers. Connecting it to my stereo isn't an option. I would like to be able to:

- hook it up without removing it from its case
- plug the speakers in to the wall (i.e. not have them be battery-powered)
- not spend a lot of money
- charge the iPod while it's playing
- buy it on-line (I'm in the USA)

Sound quality isn't very important, as I mostly listen to audio books and radio programs. Oooh, and if it were possible, I would also like to:
- mount the whole dealy on the wall to save counter space

Hell, while I'm at it, and since my kitchen is very sunny, why not throw in:
- power it by solar energy

Any recommendations?
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Response by poster: Oh -- it's a first generation Nano, if that matters.
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When not in my car / at my computer, I just use a random set of computer speakers to listen to my ipod. They get the job done, but don't charge the ipod. Cheap computer speakers are quite easy to come by.

Perhaps you could mate cheap speakers with a standalone ipod charger?
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I bought a pair of used computer speakers for $6 at a used computer store - they had hundreds of them. (power supply included)
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Thirding the recommendation for essentially "any old computer speakers".
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Radio Shack is your friend.
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These are awesome. They had a pair hooked up at the Muji store here and they sounded great. With the exchange rate and shipping to the US, the price will probably come to around 50$, which may be more than you're looking to pay, but I think they might look cooler in your kitchen than computer speakers. And they weigh practically nothing so you could basically stick them to the wall with double sided tape, or with velcro so you could unstick them, fold them up, and take them anywhere.
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I can't think of anything that's going to charge your iPod and still be fairly cheap-ass. You could buy an extra wall charger and keep it in the kitchen, then just get computer speakers as others have mentioned.

Another option (this is probably more than you are willing to pay though): the iHome Under-Counter iPod Player. We just bought one last weekend and installed it last night. I don't know if you'll be able to put the Nano in the dock without removing the case, but it looks like it has a USB port underneath as well so you could always use your USB charge/sync cable and keep the Nano in the case. (The dock is really cool though and it sucks the iPod up inside while it's playing which helps protect it from kitchen messes.)

Having just installed it last night, I don't have a lot of experience with it to tell you if it's awesome or not. But so far I like it. And it does come with a magnetic remote control that you can slap on the fridge.
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My roomate has these, they super portable and can get pretty loud.
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If you're in the US, you can get the Muji speakers mentioned by cilantro at the moma store. I've heard really good things about them as well, but I can't tell from the website if they're battery powered or plug-ins.
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My boyfriend has the iHome and really likes it. It costs about $100, is very compact, and charges the iPod. Although you said you don't care about sound, it does sound great.
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The really cheap speakers don't need to be powered at all. A free-after-rebate pair are sitting on my nightstand right now, and they work great for when I'm falling asleep. They might be hard to hear over loud kitchen noises -- I can just barely hear them in the bathroom while I'm taking a shower.

I also got a pair of 99 cent speakers once (at a 99 cent store) just because they were 99 cents. They were extremely low quality (obviously), but they did have little nail holes in the back for hanging.
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I have the aforementioned Muji speakers, and they are great, but re: echo0720's comment, they are completely un-powered, and therefore may not be loud enough for what you want.
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I have a set of these speakers, which come with adaptors for different size iPods. The sound is great for 25 quid speakers, I use them in the kitchen and they are loud enough to be heard over cooking noises, and they charge the iPod for you. Only problem is that I don't know if you can get them in the US.
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