Please recommend a Windows-compatible webcam.
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Webcams. I have an iSight for my Mac, but need something that will be Windows compatible. I've looked at several Logitech models, but almost everything seems to fall flat of Apple's webcam. I'd like similar quality, and if not, then at least close. Any suggestions?
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I have been using webcams for about 6 years or so, and honestly there really isn't that great of an option for the windows platform. Before I switched to Mac (and I LOOOOVE my iSight) I gave up on the Logitechs of the world and simply connected my camcorder via a videocard. That was before USB was so prominent though, so now-a-days you can probably just use a USB-ready cam and plug it in. In case there is a followup about software, I really loved Webcam32.

The advantage to a camcorder is that they handle low and high light MUCH better than your run-of-the-mill webcam.
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I occasionally plug my isight via DV into my XP box. It doesn't find a driver (which is why the audio doesn't work with apps that support audio) but as a cam it works
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They're expensive (about $500 retail), but Polycom's Via Video II is pretty good. Audio is good and the video is alright. I don't think it's quite as high quality as iSight, but it's close.
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