What was this 1985 Mac educational game featuring a robot on skates?
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In 1985 or so, there was an educational game for the Macintosh that I exactly once. It featured a robot on skates with an iconic programming language that you use to help make it travel safely through little virtual worlds. What was it called?
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Are you talking about Robot Odyssey?


That was a great game. Unfortunately I was a little too dumb to figure very much of it out (although I am a professional coder now.) Also, from he same folks:

Rocky's Boots.
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Hrm. On second read I see that you said it was a program for the Mac. Well. I guess it wasn't either of my answers, then.
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I though Robot Odyseey was for Apple- that link just provides emu/roms to run it on a PC...Or is apple technically not the same thing as a Mac?
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Best answer: ChipWits. I still have my original disk (and probably the manual) from 1985. There was something about it I didn't care for; Robot Odyssey on the Apple ][ was better.
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I miss LOGO.
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You don't have to miss Logo.
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Response by poster: ChipWIts was it. Thanks!
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WOW! I'd forgotten all about Chipwits. That was a really nice game, too.

An Apple ][ is a whole different beast than the Mac, yes. Somewhere in the neighboorhood of a Commodore 64, the Apple ][ series was 8-bit and ran on a 6502 running at about 1 Mhz.

The original mac was 16 bit and ran on the 6800 chip.

It's hard to believe how many people I talk to these days who are too young to remember the Apple ][. Jeebus.
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er, 68000 chip, I meant.
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you might be interested in toontalk too.
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I tutorted a kid Logo a year or two ago. It's not dead. It's still the best educational language.
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