How can i schedule video podcast downloads in Vista?
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I am having some difficulty in finding a way to schedule downloads of video podcasts so as they happen during the night (off peak downloading = no limits > daytime = limits). Any recommendations (Vista based)?

I specifically am interested in grabbing WMV versions of Diggnation, CommandN etc etc, which iTunes does not seem to recognise. Ideally i would like a program that I can just set and forget with my desired shows so as when i get up in the morning I have shiny new content to watch :) The reason for preferring WMV is for ease of streaming to tv via Xbox XBMC (which will not play the h264 movs)
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I'm not au fait with Vista, but there's a wget for dos which could be wrapped in a batch file and triggered with a scheduled task from other forms of Windows.
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Best answer: A quick look round the internet bought up Dopplerradio. Don't know anything about it, but it appears to allow you to download video podcasts based on a schedule.
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uTorrent has a scheduler built in, on the downside (or upside if you prefer) you'll need to use torrents.
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I use Democracy and launch the app when I'm going to be away from the computer for awhile.
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Response by poster: Doppler looks absolutely perfect for my needs, thank you :)
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