Remeber this?
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Does anyone have any info on a Liquid Television animation that I remember as a guy driving a race car around an inside track (kind of like "RollerBall" w/ James Caan) and the guy refuses to stop his car and melts or dies? I also remember about halfway through the segment a cigarette falling from someone's hand in slow motion and hitting the floor. And no, I haven't been smoking anything illegal (though I might have been then). I'm getting nowhere with my search.
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RadMan and JetBoy? hm... I know the short.

Found it.

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Jac Mac and Rad Boy, btw.
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Oh and in case that isn't it, there's a list of all the Liquid Television shorts at Wikipedia.
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Best answer: Definitely not Jac Mac and Rad Boy. It was a Japanese short with some great animation. As the speed of the car increased, the racer's eyes became totally white, and the dead racer won the race.

"The Running Man," by Yoshiaki Kawajiri.
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Plot Summary: In the distant future, a tough racer uses his psychokinetic powers against his opponents during his final race.

Anyway... back in the day. I really wanted this short myself and I found that it was a collection of anime put out by Orion Video called "Neo Tokyo". (This was long before the anime boom in the states.) I tried to order it, but by then Orion had gone belly up and it was impossible to find. Ah... those primitave pre-net days...

Now it's on YouTube.
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Response by poster: OMG! That's it! I watched "Neo Tokyo" and at first thought, yeah, this is it. But I remember it being in English and the description from infinitewindow's link...

The second short was a favourite of MTV's "Liquid Television" in the early 90's. Yoshiaki Kawajiri's "The Running Man" tells the story of a driver who has been surviving death-defying form of racing for ten years. It's a brilliant accomplishment and unfortunately, one that's been wearing on him, since other drivers are dead in a year. A reporter begins covering the driver's unstoppable career and accidently discovers why this man always wins. Finally, the stress of tempting death night after night breaks him and in an instant, all hell breaks loose. The design of the characters is very realistic, atypical for early to mid-80's anime. The speed and look of the racing vehicles is fluid and the piece is never boring, even sticking around with you after the very end. Despite the morbid nature of this short, I honestly believe that "The Running Man" should be part of Speedvision's Lost Drive-In collection. spot on. The 40's style hard-boiled detective doing the back-story; the slow-mo fag drop to the floor which wasn't in this youtube link. I wonder if it hasn't been redone/edited for different markets?

Anyway, glad I wasn't imagining things and thanks infinitewindow and wfrgms.
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Does anyone else notice the shocking similarity between the racing in the video and the video games F-Zero and Wipeout?
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Awesome use of Ask Mefi...

This video has been stuck in my head for years.
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Glad you weren't imagining things? I would love to be able to imagine things like that.
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i am so happy i stumbled across this
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