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Where can I watch tv show tapings in Melbourne or Sydney?

I'd like to be in a live studio audience or watch the taping of a tv show. Doesn't have to be a particularly good show but I'm having surprising difficulty in tracking down any information. This is on my list of things to do, and therefore I must make it so.

The big complication is that they don't really film anything here, so I'm looking for any shows that might accept audience folk in Sydney (any weekend) or Melbourne (over easter only).

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Best answer: Try googling 'studio audience (TV station X) city' i.e "abc sydney studio audience"

You'll get quite a few hits, including this one for difference of Opinion and The Chaser

Trying to google a show you know and studio audience may work too.
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After the recent death of his wife, Rove McManus is returning to host his live variety show, which will now be broadcast on Sundays. His website gives the email address for those wishing to attend the show, which resumes on 1 April at the Global Studios in Nunawading, Melbourne.
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Best answer: I actually just saw a taping of The Chaser last night here in Sydney at the ABC Centre in Ultimo. (It's the season premiere, which is on tonight!) Their site hasn't been updated yet, but if you email they'll probably give you the information.
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Best answer: Here's a good list of more interesting TV audiences you can join.
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