Help me plan a meeting in my own back yard
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We are thinking of hosting a small (around 100 people) scientific conference in Colorado some time in April-June 2008. Our office in Boulder doesn't have a room that's big enough. A colleague suggested holding the meeting in Steamboat Springs, but Steamboat is three hours' drive away. I'd prefer something equally scenic but closer to Boulder/Denver. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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A friend had her wedding at the Parkside Mansion. It's definitely scenic.
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I'm sure there's plenty of stuff at Estes Park. You could also look at Boetcher Mansion or the Crystal Rose up on Lookout Mountain.
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Sometimes universities rent out their facilities; you could contact UC Boulder, for example, and ask if there's a possibility of this. You might even affiliate with the relevant science department there.
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The last time I was in Boulder, the good people at the Boulder Broker Inn made my week long stay so pleasant, I feel I have to mention them whenever hospitality and Boulder are discussed. And, they were giving away bunny rabbits at the front desk! (Big animal lovers there, and somebody's rabbit had had a litter.) How cool is that?

Seriously terriffic food in the restaurants, an attentive, helpful staff, easy to find location in downtown Boulder, and quiet. Looks like they have great catering services and meeting facilities, too.

Give 'em a call.
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Chautauqua is an interesting spot right in Boulder. It looks like their limit on people might be 75 but I didn't read through all the information.

I've stayed there (not for business) and it's a really lovely setting with a history and purpose that seems in line with what you're planning.
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Response by poster: cocoagirl: Thanks. Chautauqua is great, but I think it's probably not quitie big enough.
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There are always the big-time hotels– Marriot, St. Julian, etc.

If it's a scientific conference, why not try and hook up with the respective department heads at CU to see if you can't use some of those facilities?
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The YMCA outside Estes Park frequently hosts conferences. I'm not sure how fancy their facilities are....
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Is Keystone too far out? About 90 minutes from the airport. My wife's been to several medical-type conferences there and has enjoyed the venue.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I'm going to try the St.-Julien, since they're just down the street from our office. I suspect it will be too pricey, but we'll see....
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