Should my new MacBook's power button tilt like that?
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Should I be worried that my new MacBook's power button is no longer flush with the keyboard surface? It's tilted a tiny bit, and seemed to happen yesterday. Coincidentally, this was the first time I took it out of the house, albeit only briefly. I just got the thing this week, so I'm worried that I've got some sort of new parent syndrome ("My baby doesn't like grabbing my pinky with her left hand as much as her right- is she dying?"). she dying? Should I get to the nearest Apple Store ASAP?
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Well ,depending on how new it is depends on how long you should wait to see if it gets any worse. I wouldn't wait till the warranty runs out!

I've always had great luck with the folks at the Apple store. They always take good care of my problems- big or small.
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I don't know for sure, but it doesn't sound like a huge problem. However, it does sound like it still shouldn't happen, and since you just bought it this week, you should be able to get it fixed for free. So yes, take it to the apple store.
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I don't know either, but my MacBook Pro that I've had since February has the same issue (the left front is distinctly lower than the right back). I wasn't worried.
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I have the same issue (came out of the box that way). Not a terrible worry since I rarely use the button anyway, but I'll probably still bring it in (might as well use AppleCare) since my optical drive isn't working either.
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i work on them...and i have seen 3 with that same problem. take it in and have them replace the top case, under warranty. Not a big issue.
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sorry...just saw it was a macbook. the 3 i have seen with that have been macbook pros. but same fix, top case. under warranty. and if you dont have it already, spring the extra $250 or so for the applecare. worth every penny if something happens in 1 and half years from now.
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yeah, i've had the same problem with recent generation powerbooks (much more similar to the macbook pro's than the regular macbook) but i have the macbook, and not had that problem.

so i think you're freaking out. keep in mind i keep a knife next to my macbook because when i press eject, the cd gets stuck and does not come out. insert knife into slot, twist a little and voila, it works.
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