How do I make Google Reader and work together?
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Can I "post" to from Google Reader?

Here is what I would like to do:

Each morning, I go through my feeds on Google Reader. I click "share" for items that I feel are important for others in my office to know about and then send an email with commentary about each story. I'd really like to actually leave commentary on the page itself with the links. I've noticed that you can do this in (they call them "descriptions" I believe), so here's what I'm asking:

1> Can I add my own text/commentary to shared items on Google Reader? I didn't think so, but maybe I'm missing something.

2> Can I easily "export" any Google Reader shared items to

And no, I'm not looking to start a blog. I know a blog solves this problem, but for other reasons, it's a non-starter right now.

Can any of this be done?
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Here's an interesting idea: make a tumblelog, set it up to collect your "shared" feed as Links with Description ("manage feeds" in the options), and then go to the "add/edit posts" page and comment in the Optional Description area.

Or, for a oriented idea, use this firefox extension as you browse, and then you can bookmark things you find outside your feeds (i.e. links within the entries on the feeds).
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Response by poster: Oy, sorry, I forgot to mention that I have to use IE7 (yes, required by the IT dept). No Firefox (although I do use it at home).
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I'd still look into the tumblelog. It's totally IE friendly.
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I haven't used this, but it looks like someone was nice enough to port greasemonkey to IE7. If it works like advertised, I would suggest this greasemonkey script which adds an "add to" to the links at the bottom of each entry.

You may have to modify it a tad (it doesn't cover the secure site, which I always frequent), but it sounds like it may do the trick. It allows you to add it to and fill out a description.
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I'm sure you can do it with yahoo pipes but I have no idea how.
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that greasemonkey script worked great for me, this post is what convinced me to finally run greasemonkey
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