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Does anyone know anything about the New School Actor's Studio Playwriting program? Is it worth flying to NYC for an interview there?
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and miss the chance to rub shoulders with James Lipton?
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Since no one else has chimed in, I'll add some more.

Although I'm not directly familiar with the Playwriting program at the New School, I am a film school graduate, and familiar with similar programs.

My take is that if you ultimately are seeking a teaching position at the university level, then a MFA is the way to go, and I'm sure the New School's playwriting program has a good rep.

The downside is that you will be essentially paying $10k a year to workshop your writing. There are tons of workshopping opportunities at festivals, conventions, and groups that will run you much less. In addition, it's a significant investment time-wise, as well as the additional stress of relocating, as you've mentioned.

However, some people really respond to the synergistic environment and complete immersion that a program like the New School's will be able to provide.

In either case, your personal motivations towards a playwriting program should determine your willingness to sacrifice. It might be worth visiting just to feel out in person as to whether or not this program might be a fit for you. That is something you won't be able to assess without firsthand knowledge.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks so much jazzkat11 ! That was very helpful!
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You're certainly welcome, glad it was helpful. Let us know how it turns out.
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