Is there a slot-machine ambient tone?
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Any information on the ambient tone that seems to emanate from many casino slot machine halls? It seems to be consistent from casino to casino, and I can't tell if it comes from the combined sounds of the machines, or if it is an underlying tone.
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I believe most slot machines use a major C chord, which is supposed to be psychologically pleasurable.
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A music major friend told me many years ago that all the slots used the Devil's Interval. But he may have just been yanking my chain.
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Second the C chord being the base of slot machine sounds, as told to me by a musically inclined friend.
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Whether the C chord was specifically chosen for a reason, there's plenty good reason for everyone to standardize. If all the slot machines used different keys, the resulting cacophony would be painful for a lot of folks to listen to, and it would drive customers away.

This is almost certainly a case of a "standard" that just happened, where the standard is pretty arbitrary but there's good reason for everyone to follow it. (A similar case: "drive on the right hand side of the road." It doesn't actually matter which side you drive on, but it does matter that everyone in a given area use the same side.)
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your friend was yanking your chain.
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So do the melodies of slot machines in Asia use pentatonic scale?
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Disclaimer- I have never been near a slot machine making a musical sound.

I note that many, many electronic devices use a 1000 Hz tone. C (2 octaves above middle C) is around 1046 Hz. Could this be close enough for overtones to sound like a C chord?
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I know the tone you're asking about, and I know it's not there when the floor is empty but the machines are still on. It's the combined sounds of the machines dinging and clanging.
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MtDewd, modern slot machines are very high tech, with large flat-panel displays and a lot of sophisticated electronics. They don't have to rely on primitive sound-makers such as you describe, and they don't.
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