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Can anyone recommend educational children's software, for grades 1-3 or so, that's not copy-protected?

It's sure annoying to purchase retail software and go to install it, only to find out that it's copy-protected. We're running Windows Vista. I'd like to find education programs for my primary school children, mainly reading and arithmetic (other school subjects fine, too). I'm just a parent of a 5 and 8 year old, not a school. I'm not going to pirate anything and I'm willing to pay full price. I just don't want to buy software where you have to have the CD-ROM in the drive to run it. I want to install it to the hard drive and have it run from there with the CD-ROM drive empty.

And of course, I'd like it to be a well-written program that kids like to use.
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Best answer: Look for older versions (pre-2000): Broderbund's Living Book series and Humongous' Freddi Fish, Putt Putt, and Pajama Sam series were all big hits in our house. None required the CD to stay in the tray.

Also, there's always abandonware.
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Have you considered a CD emulator? Something like Virtual Clone Drive makes it quite simple to rip all the kids game CDs to files and mount them as needed.
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Forget about software. The best computer-assisted learning for kids is online at It beats anything else I've seen, hands down. And it works.
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My kids love this and it's free! They also update with new games and puzzles periodically.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. I do have some older software and I will search for more.
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DAEMON Tools has be designed to deal with this problem, and it is free.
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