It'll fit in the back of a Volvo
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Any Suggestions on how to get a 180lb flight case from JFK to lower Manhattan today without a car?

I'm doing a show this week in Manhattan and the musicians have come over from Holland with a large (but not too large) flight case full of their instruments. It's currently at JFK. Two of us are going over there this lunchtime to see how we can get it to lower Manhattan sometime today. We don't have a car and are loathe to rent a U-Haul and drive it from Manhattan all the way to JFK and back, there must be an easier way... Apparently it fits in the back of a Volvo, if that's any help. We already have an idea of how to do this, but I thought that I'd ask the hive-mind for any inspired suggestions.
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Best answer: Many taxi companies have minivans--if that would be large enough? You'd need to call and schedule ahead (and also confirm that they have a van on offer).
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If there are two of you, why not just lug it onto the subway? In total you will actually carry it maybe 200 metres, max.
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Response by poster: Folks, thanks for the suggestions so far, and please keep 'em coming. I'll post back either this evening or tomorrow with the solution that we found so that should anyone else ever be in this situation (which I'll admit isn't really that likely, but you never know) they'll know exactly what to do...
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Best answer: Put an add on Craigslist asking someone to haul it for you in their truck. (I would ride with them, to make sure they're trustworthy.)

Usually, there are lots of "man with a van" types who advertise on CL. I've hired some before to help me move things for shows.
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Best answer: Cabs are a flat rate from JFK to anywhere in Manhattan, regardless of the type of cab. You'd need to lug it to the cab line, and wait for somebody with a big enough trunk and proper suspension to handle it. There are both SUV and minivan cabs in NYC, but I agree that a Crown Vic should be able to do it.
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Best answer: Get a two-wheel dollie, also known as a hand truck. (Not sure where in NYC to get one, but if Walter can get a toe, with nail polish, in LA by 3PM...) Really, get the cheapest one you can find, and leave it at the venue --you're going to need to take the case back to the airport next week, right? Then take the subway. The dollie will make your life sooooo much easier, it's worth considering it a throwaway expense even if you get bent over and have to pay 80 bucks for it.
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Best answer: If the musicians have a following in town see if they have fans willing to truck your equipment for tickets.
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Best answer: It fits in a Volvo, then it will fit in a taxi or a car service car- 99% of which are larger Ford Crown Victorias Licoln Town Cars.
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... when they say it fits in the back of a volvo, are we talking a wagon or a sedan?
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Best answer: Some car services (like Limores) have SUVs. You can call and make a reservation and they will meet you at the airport and transport you and your 180lb parcel. Alternately, there are small SUV and minivan taxis that you can get at the taxi stand at JFK. You might have to wait a few minutes until one shows up, though.
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Best answer: Thank you all, folks. Actually the situation got a little more complicated, apparently (and unbeknownst to me) the flight-case hadn't cleared customs. So we're in the world of Customs Brokers (which is a new one to me) at the moment, but they can provide transportation.

If anyone ever stumbles upon this thread and is trying to ship musician's instruments into the US and hasn't actually shipped before (as opposed to checking) feel free to drop me an email and I can save you the best part of 1/2 a day and a whole lot of 'what-the-fuck-is-going-on?'...
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Response by poster: BTW, I marked mine as best answer just as it has some specifics, not because I'm in love with myself...
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