How to style my moustache
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With what do I wax my moustache - not hair-removal style waxing, but old-school-grooming style waxing?

I have been letting my moustache grow way out in preparation for a performance of Music Man (set in 1912). I'd like to gel or pomade or wax it into a nice handlebar - if I can figure out what to use. I shave my head, so I don't have hair gel, and I'm balking at buying a gallon of the cheap stuff or paying $5+ for a handful of the cool stuff when I don't know if it will even work. Does anyone still make/sell moustache wax? Will regular hair gel work? Do I need a pomade? Would petroleum jelly work?

Historical reenactors and cool moustache guys, answer away!
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Best answer: Moustache Wax.

Here's a waxing FAQ that I found... and DIY Moustach Wax.
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if you want to go all philological, get some whale oil (in Japan it's legal), or, if you don't keep Kosher, some pork fat.
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Clubman makes mustache wax. You can get it in most drugstores. I have some, it comes with a little comb and works pretty well.
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I had a friend who did exactly what you want. He used white glue until he found proper moustache wax.
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Best answer: The LA Times just had an article about this, and they recommended Clubman's wax.
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Best answer: My husband's been growing his out since "Movember" last year, and he uses very firm hold hair wax to style it. This is the brand he uses. I think he picked it up at a hair salon. He's pretty happy with it. It took some getting used to for me, because every time I kiss him it smells of vanilla and coconut.

He adds that the only drawback is that it's fairly white, so you've got to make sure you work it in properly so it's invisible.
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When I had really short hair I used Dax Wave n Groom which says it's pomade but is basically wax. It was good in my hair and my guess is it would work well for moustaches.
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Here's some more DIY wax. I don't think anyone posted this one yet.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Don't know why my Googling never turned up the Handlebar Club.

Based on some of the ingredients in the commercial products and the DIY recipes, I'm going to start off by chapstick! I use a brand that contains paraffin and carnuba wax (two of the first four ingredients) and as a bonus, it smells good too. Don't know why I didn't think of it before...
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