Blank Do It... Blank
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Where is a list of all the "blank do it blank"?

I saw a poster a long long time ago, that was filled with -- just about -- every occupation and every sport... each statement was a sexual innuendo or pun about what the type of person did related to the job or activity. The only one I can think of right now is "teachers do it with class." Doing a google for "do it" was just plain silly. I'm specifically looking for statements for drafters or CAD designers; but finding the entire list would be especially fun too.
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Here's a big list.
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Best answer: Here's a bigger list. Change the filename to see further sections of the alphabet (e.g. .../DO_IT-2.TXT, .../DO_IT-3.TXT, etc.).
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***Just a precaution*** the above list is NSFW
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Drafters do it on ANSI-sized sheets?
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Drafters do it like CAD monkeys?
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drafters do it at funny angles?
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edit: or at any angle?
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Rogues do it from behind.
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The lists are missing one of my favorites, "Architects do it with models."
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MeFites do it in a hive ...
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My favorite:

Proper capitalizers do it with the first words of sentences; the pronoun "I"; proper nouns; family relationships (when used as proper names); the names of God, specific deities, religious figures and holy books; titles preceding names; directions (when not used as compass directions); the days of the week, months of the year and holidays; the names of countries, nationalities, and specific languages; the first word in a sentence that is a direct quote; the major words in the titles of books, articles and songs (but not short prepositions or the articles "the," "a," or "an," if they are not the first word of the title); members of national, political, racial, social, civic and athletic groups; periods and events (but not century numbers); trademarks; and words and abbreviations of specific names (but not names of things that came from specific things but are now general types).
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architects do it with models, all night long!
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AskMeFites do it on the green
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Architects do it at all the right angles
Drafters do it to a T
Drafters do it rough
Drafters do it parallel
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Architects do it in the buttress
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