How do I make a book out of newspaper front pages?
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How can I turn my collection of newspaper front pages into a nice, keepsake book?

I've been collecting font-page stories of my favorite sports team -- often it's half the entire Sports section. The folded-up papers are beginning to take up space, so I'm thinking of taking them somewhere to have them scanned, copied, and printed into a book.

I'm apprehensive about turning these over to just anyone, or putting them in the mail, because they're irreplaceable; you can buy MAN WALKS ON MOON, but no one sells FLYING SAUCER'S TEAM WINS CHAMPIONSHIP.

I'm also worried that I'll encounter difficulties because I'm trying to create something based on copyrighted material, both text and photos -- even though I want to make only one. Then there's the issue of scanning entire front pages onto a 8x11 or 11x14 book page.

Does anyone have any ideas, or any similar experience?
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Try contacting a local student newspaper at a university... they often use services to bind back issues into hardcover books for archiving. Something similar may work for your newspapers.
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If you're interested, a 'conservation'-oriented bookbinder could de-acidify the paper for you and bind the originals. It wouldn't be the cheapest thing, but.
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You could buy this album from Light Impressions. It is big enough to hold a full newspaper page.
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If you would like to spend a little bit, I think laminating them and keeping them in a binder is a good option.
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