Mpegs on IE6 Problems
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the IE6 browser on this computer use to play mpegs in a neat little quicktime box, but now when i click on an mpeg link (test link from here) i get a curious little square in the upper left-hand corner with a red 'x' in it. i see the icons on this quicktime test page, so what up?

i updated my realplayer and it took over the quicktime role w/o my say so. it sucked at playing the movies in the browser, which it stretched into a big rectangle. i chose preferences in real player which should have made it stop and prefs in quicktime which should have made it start but nothing changed, so i just de-installed real player. now i get the x. i can watch this nifty aliens vs. predator trailer in my beloved browser square of old, so why is it .mpg links such as test above are giving me the x?
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try re-installing quicktime - real player probably screwed everything up, and quicktime isn't fixing them properly.
posted by cheaily at 4:04 PM on March 18, 2004

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