Do I need an adapter to plug my American GPS into my Irish rental car?
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My brothers and I are going to Ireland for a week-long trip beginning Sunday. We'll be driving around the countryside in Clare, Galway and Kerry, and I'm bringing my car GPS along to help us navigate. Here's a quick last-minute question: is the power adapter jack in European cars the same as the one in American cars or do I need some sort of converter similar to the kind needed for household outlets?
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No. Car ciggarette lighter outlets are 12VDC everywhere.
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Phrontist has it, they're the same. Enjoy your trip, and if you have a chance drive the ring of kerry. It's beautiful even in bad weather, but it can be a bit hairy.
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The question has already been answered, but I'll put in my $0.02 anyway: make sure that the GPS has European maps loaded before you go. Otherwise it won't help you navigate very well. This may seem obvious, but it's something that could easily be overlooked. Enjoy the trip!
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I have the right maps. Thanks for thinking of that.
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Are Republic of Ireland maps included with the Great Britain maps, or are they available separately?
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Garmin sells a set that includes the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland. I bought the maps on a pre-loaded SD chip for about a hundred bucks online.
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Drive around the Dingle Peninsula, specifically across the Conor Pass and around Slea Head.

Both are very enjoyable drives with some excellent scenery.
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Have a pint of plain in Naughton's in Galway city. Best darn pub I've been in a wile long time.
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