Conference calling, damn the man
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So the big telcos are blocking (read more here). Nasty corporations, this is outrageous, etc etc. Anyone got a quick and easy workaround (other than skype)?
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Most services will give you alternate numbers that are not being blocked.

for example
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There are oodles of these services, and any kid with an Asterisk box and a deal with a local telco can set one up. The big telcos need to come to terms with this "problem", which isn't a problem so much as the other edge of a sword they've enjoyed swinging for many years.

First, file a complaint with the FCC. Second, call your telco's customer disservice line. If they give you the brush-off, turbo that shit. If the block isn't removed quickly, change telcos.


Port your number out and go somewhere that treats you like a customer, not a goldfish. When you leave the old telco, tell them why, and consider sending a copy of your letter to the local newspaper.

Drawing attention to megacorps screwing their customers is never a bad thing.
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