Where can I get a chocolate brownie with chocolate icing in NYC?
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Where can I get a good chocolate brownie with chocolate icing in NYC or Brooklyn? I've got a craving for one... Any recommendations?
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Best answer: Right here. The chocolate cake is ridiculously good as well.
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My friends who live in Brooklyn would probably argue that it is actually part of NYC.

That's funny - I have a pan of brownies just coming out of the oven right now. No icing though. Sorry.

I believe that the Glendale Bakery on 87th and Lex has brownies with icing, but I'm not positive. In any case, they have all sorts of other wonderful things.

Can you be a little more specific about your general location?
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Decades ago, the best brownie I could find in NYC was sold at a bakery at the Times Square subway station. IIRC, it was at the top of the stairs coming up from the 7. Whether the place is still there, and still the same, is anyone's guess. I haven't been there in ages, the memory is probably 30 years old. LOL!
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