Going to Beirut
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I'm considering a stop in Beirut for a few days in late April on my way back from Syria to the US. Any recommendations on things to see or places not to miss? On that note, things to be particularly careful about right now? Unfortunately my stay is limited to about 3 days.
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I would definetely go to down town Beirut, see the new financial district and all new renovated buildings. If you want to visit clubs, head to Ashrafieh, Mono street, or Maamiltien Jounieh. In late april the weather should be nice, not hot not cold, and hopefully stopped raining. There is nothing really to avoid, it is a small city, and you can see a lot in those 3 days.
Hamra is also a nice place to walk through, the Bliss street is great, across American University of Beirut, lots of students hang out there, and are more than happy to help.
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I'd second Ashrafieh. Not sure if this is the same place convex is talking about, but the town of Jounieh up the coast is a nice little resort-ish area. It's been six years since I've been there, so don't know what these areas are like now. Lebanon is a fascinating country. Have fun!
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