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How can I make sure I get a domain name registered that is currently in pendingDelete status?

My boss wants me to register a .com domain name. The name is currently in pendingDelete status. I can't backorder it and I can't find any other information about it.

The domain is our trademark, and we already own the .org and .net versions, if that makes any difference. I'd really like to get this domain the second it becomes available so I can avoid having to pay an inflated price or take it to arbitration.
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There are backorder services you can use, one of big ones being
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You can't.

The game has changed and what should be a fairly simple process has gone off the tracks with greed.

You can attempt to snap it up yourself, but if it gets any sort of traffic you'll probably be beaten by someone or some company using software to do it.

If you do own the trademark your best bet is the legal route. either with a UDRP or a letter from your attorney. But you'll have to wait until it's registered by someone new as serving it to the current/previous registrant won't result in anything timely.

If you would like more information/opinion on your specific situation please drop me a line, email in profile.
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This guy details a process whereby he got the expiring domain he wanted:

How to Snatch an Expiring domain

2 years old, but still informative.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. At least I have something to show my boss when I can't immediately snatch it up - then he can hand it to our attorney and let him handle it for us.
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