Can you split a 7.1 destination in Windows Audio?
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Is there a third-party Windows Audio shim that can make a 5.1/7.1 audio destination device into 3/4 stereo audio destination devices, so you can aim different programs at them?

I just bought a Turtle Beach Roadie, which CompUSA apparently is marking down from $80 to $44 not because CompUSA is in trouble, but because Turtle Beach has superseded it with the SRM (which audio forum searching suggests may not be all that different from the Roadie).

What I want to do with it (once I get the damned thing working properly at all, which is another story entirely) is use the onboard 7/8 stereo out, and the 1/2, 3/4 and possibly 5/6 stereo outs on the mini-DIN breakout cable to convey stereo audio out of my laptop from different Windows programs.

The more I look at the driver, the more I'm sure there's no way to do that that's built in. So my question is: has anyone ever seen any psuedo-driver that could, as JACK would on Linux, break that 8-channel destination down into 4 2-channel ones?

I may eventually end up going to Linux for this anyway, but at the moment, work has me tied to Win2K...
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Response by poster: I note that I repeatedly forgot to say "from separate Windows programs simultaneously". I regret the error.
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Response by poster: Wow. Either no one likes me, everyone's ignoring me, or I'm just real good, this year, at asking questions no one knows the answers to -- or questions that have no answers. :-)

No way to get Direct{X,Show} to sit still for this sort of re-patching?
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