Are there tutorials for a "Macrumors Live" style feed?
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Are there any tutorials on how to make a low-traffic version of the AJAX MacRumors Live page they use for keynotes?

I'm not interested in the crazy high-traffic architecture, I'm just looking for a page that describes how to use XMLhttprequest to push plain old HTML to a number of users at the same time.
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You could try something like this, or just add a meta refresh tag (since it's low traffic, there isn't a lot of sense in putting too much effort into the code...)
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how to use XMLhttprequest to push plain old HTML to a number of users at the same time

That's not what it's doing. Each client is still just polling the server every x seconds, but instead of downloading the entire page again, it just pulls down new posts if there are any.
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Response by poster: tmcw: It's low traffic compared to MacWorld, but I don't want to refresh a whole page of javascript, graphics, code, etc... I only want to refresh text.

chrismear: Interesting, I thought it was push/reverse AJAX. Polling for just one file to refresh the main content would work fine, though.
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Jairus, I would recommend reading any one of the numerous AJAX "Hello World" tutorials (for example), adapting it in two ways:
  • Instead of doing the request (the JavaScript sayHello() method in the above example) just once, do it repeatedly using the JavaScript setTimeout() method (here).
  • Instead of putting the text of the resulting page into a DIV, put the resulting text into a DIV that sits inside of another DIV so that you have style control (for CSS) of the entire "conversation."
Let me know if you have any questions.
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