Ice cream delivered in the UK?
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Seeking a home-delivery ice cream service in the UK (London), either branded or generic. Google gives us nothing. Help us fill our new chest freezer!
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Are you looking for a specialist ice cream delivery service or what? Because all the major supermarket chains (Sainsburys, Waitrose, Tesco, etc) have home grocery delivery now - you order online and they deliver the stuff. So you could just get your ice cream that way.
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Response by poster: Yeah, that's the last resort. Looking more for something like Home Ice Cream for the bulk, everyday stuff or Ice Cream Source for the specialty, or, ideally, a combination of the two.
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Rocombe will deliver delicious ice cream.
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Response by poster: Thanks, essexjan and EOI. It looks like it's going to have to be a combination of the higher-end small producers and the supermarket.
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